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After a fun run helping people get their slice of the World Wide Web,
I've hung up my keyboard and grabbed my apron.
Tim & Victor's Totally Joyous Recipes

Tim Dineen


I’m a cook, baker, and, as stated above, a former website maker – not always in that order. Nowadays I'm pretty much just cook and baker – I’m fully retired and only doing maintenance on a couple of sites for friends.

I never created enough sites to pay the mortgage, but I had a lot of fun making sites for friends and folks who needed a site but really couldn't afford the fees that were being charged back in the day. Things are a lot more user-friendly, today.

I have definitely enjoyed creating fun websites over the years – with the emphasis on fun – but it’s past time to get away from the keyboard and let others have their fun.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being able to work with a fun and diverse group of people over the years. And with that being said, MAGA-types need not inquire. You wouldn’t have fun working with me and I wouldn’t have fun working with you.

But as I said… I’m officially retired. I’m married to a great guy, and when we’re not out having fun, we’re probably out having fun. Fun is always the operative word – especially when one is retired!

Some of the fun sites I have created over the years